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Rocket Powered Action makes for Rocket Powered Results!

Your Life IS your Brand!
Launching a Business GETS to be as easy as LIVING your life!

Business Outside the Box has everything you need to:

💪🏼 Build a Solid, Out of the Box, Rocket Powered Business that effortlessly flows with your life so that you can spend more time living and less time "Launching"!

💜 Connect to the Results you desire by connecting with the results you have so that you can call more of those results in, further rocketing your business to the next level!

🚀 Simply implement, Rocket Fueled Systems that you build as you grow and launch, immediately setting you up for growth. 


Rebels don't fall in line!

During too many years in mind numbing call centers and corporate nightmares.


Dared to dream of a better life. 

One that would fulfill not drain. 

One that would give absolute FREEDOM!

Freedom is essential.

The soul sucking nature of these corporate hell holes takes a toll on ones mental wellbeing. 


Forcing you to show up and pretend to be someone else every day. 

You aren't meant to be anything but YOU!


Living Life Outside the Box


Ever seen the Pixar movie called Up?

I used to think of myself as a perfect blend between Ellie & Carl!


BIG dreams and Realistic Application. 

That is until Scott lost his Dad. 

A last minute, month long, 10,000 mile road trip across the country to handle his dad's estate opened our eyes to just how short our lives really are. 

His mom had passed away just 2 short years before that and he had been putting off a trip to see his dad until later when he could bring his son. 

Neither of his parents ever got to meet

his son or our daughter.

 Our first taste of true Freedom!


This trip inspired us to take serious action and follow our dreams of living TOTALLY off-grid!

We purchased a property and moved 3 hours from the hustle and bustle of city life and everything we have ever known. 

Peaceful, quiet and able to do whatever the fuck we wanted.

Now, we may have moved back to the City when my Dad's Cancer came back.

But our Freedom continues in even

more important ways!

Now, we get to prioritize our lives to be fully present with our children and give them the best of us.

Living a life of adventure without regrets!


Brand New to $15k in the first three months!


A long standing dream of mine was to answer to NO one but myself.

No more close minded, micromanaging bosses taking credit for MY hard work.

It was my time to shine!

Taking this concept and an Unstoppable approach

I launched business after business

looking for the one that would take me to the moon.

Many fell flat on their face for one reason or another

several managed a steady orbit and consistent cash flow.

But none felt like they were making the impact that I was after. 

That was when I realized so many out there were struggling to get their business off the ground due to the overwhelming launch process.

So many steps yet I was repeatedly building new businesses with ease. 

So taking all the experience I had collected in my

unstoppable pursuit to find the right

business that would feed my soul and

compliment my rapidly changing life, I set to work.


The goal was to develop a program that will serve the countless other Unstoppable Rebels, who will stop at nothing to free themselves from Corporate Purgatory while building a life that they absolutely loved. 

To break down the
 overwhelm of "What's Next?!" with simple to implement Systems & Strategies so they can live their life as their brand and

make the massive impact in the world they desire. 

This business took off and I went from

Brand New to $15k in the first three months.


It's your life...


Don't wait to LIVE it!

Email Images.png

Your Life is your Brand in Action!


Using what you already have together you will build

Never Ending Sales Vortexes that pull in your idea clients. 

These Rocket Powered Sales Funnels 
give you the ability to turn your life into your fully saturated brand. 

Marketing becomes as Simple to implement

as your morning routine. 

Clients close with ease and the User friendly tech

onboards them to your offer smoothing and is so easy to use

 you can expand it yourself!

Just effortlessly allowing work and life to flow as one!



No Overwhelm and No need to "Find Balance"!


You are unstoppable and it's time your ideas reach their sky high 


Attracting perfect clients that you LOVE directly to your inbox that are ready to buy so that your impact is able to ripple out, changing more lives than ever. 



Unstoppable Rebels Say YES with ease!


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Rocket Launch
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What is included in the program:

12 Months of Access to the following...


🚀 Access to the Pocket Support Rebel Telegram chat to get your questions answered in real time while you attract your first 3 clients. 



🚀A three phase Self Paced Course packed with ALL my Systems & Strategies for a Rocket Powered Launch that takes the guess work and overwhelm out of what's next. 

🚀 Access to the 30 Days to Savvy - Rocket Fueled Sales Funnels

a step by step course to building your own sales funnel that will close clients while you sleep. 

🚀 Weekly Group Coaching Calls to further expand the concepts with real life examples from your peers. 

🚀 Weekly Co-Working Sessions to create Unstoppable accountability and time to Get Sh*t Done!

🚀 Exclusive access to a Members Only Support Group for unlimited support 24/7!


🚀 1:1 Offer Review to position your offer specifically for your unique Audience. 

Ready to Rocket Launch your offer?



Frequently Asked Questions

My business is just an idea, am I ready for this program?

It all starts with an idea...  In Business Outside the Box you will unlock exactly what your offer is and how it benefits the clients you serve best, so that you can sell it with ease. This coupled with Step by Step Action oriented offer and marketing plan development you are never are left wondering what to do next.

I am not a coach is this for me?

My Rocket Launch Systems are designed to work for any type of business. 
I have used these systems and strategies to launch all kinds of businesses from a Party Entertainment Company to Pilot Car Services to a Network Marketing business, a Digital Design Agency and this Coaching Business!

I already have a business but am no longer making

sales will this course be useful for me?

The truth about being an Unstoppable Rebel  Entrepreneur is once you start it's so hard to stop! You will launch again and again AND again! New products or services or even relaunch your business all over again!

In this program I will show you how to Energetically connect to the results you want so that you can call more of those results in further rocketing your business to the next level and beyond. 

I want to travel will I be able to build a business

that allows that flexibility?

I started while I was living totally off the grid. I have moved back to the city and worked my business while on vacations and 10,000 mile road trips.  I will show you how to Maximize Online Based Rocket Powered Systems so that you have the Freedom to live and travel ANYWHERE!
 These systems coupled with the client attraction strategies will help you to create a Self Sufficient Business for flexibility in your schedule so that you can blend your life into your business effortlessly and do whatever the fuck you want.



The Potty-Mouthed Corporate Rebel


Rebels don't let others take credit for their hard work. After 15 years of that bullshit I said FUCK that! 


Walking away from Corporate Purgatory for good!


Give a Fuck in tow and ready to make an impact on the lives of other Unstoppable Rebels like you!

On a Mission to create a Life we don't need a vacation from but rather one that felt like one big vacation!

A life without Regrets!


Sara Bernadette!


And Cosmo too!

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