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Business Outside the Box


What is included in the program: 12 Months of Access to the following...   🚀 Access to the Pocket Support Rebel Telegram chat to get your questions answered in real time while you attract your first 3 clients.  . 🚀A three phase Self Paced Course packed with ALL my Systems & Strategies for a Rocket Powered Launch that takes the guess work and overwhelm out of what's next.  ​ ​ 🚀 Access to the 30 Days to Savvy - Rocket Fueled Sales Funnels a step by step course to building your own sales funnel that will close clients while you sleep.  ​ ​ 🚀 Weekly Group Coaching Calls to further expand the concepts with real life examples from your peers.  ​ ​ 🚀 Weekly Co-Working Sessions to create Unstoppable accountability and time to Get Sh*t Done! ​ ​ 🚀 Exclusive access to a Members Only Support Group for unlimited support 24/7! ​ 🚀 1:1 Offer Review to position your offer specifically for your unique Audience.  ​ ​ Ready to Rocket Launch your offer? 💪💜🚀

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